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Consuming Carrageenan Is Absolutely Safe

Consuming Carrageenan Is Absolutely Safe

Some people wonder, ‘What is Carrageenan?’ Well, it is a water-soluble fibrous substance that is usually obtained from red seaweed and algae. It has been known to the people even thousands of years ago.  It was mostly used in cooking by the Irish coastal communities. It has got a polysaccharide with a high-molecular weight that usually comprises of anhydrogalactose sulfate and galactose sulfate units.

Is It Safe?

As you may know that there are two different types of carrageenan which come with different chemical properties. The two forms are degraded and undegraded. They are almost similar except the fact that they have different molecular weight. It is extracted through the process of hot boiling. As no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process it is totally safe.

Actually, undegraded version is completely safe to consume. Hence, it is mostly used in the food items as a stabilizer and thickening agent. According to U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considered as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).

Why Is It Used In Beverages?

With the global nature of food production, there has been an increased need of a reliable and safe food ingredient that can be used in food. When this ingredient is used in beverages it helps in providing stability to it, which would have been compromised because of the thermal processing. The benefits of including in beverages are:

  • It helps in the stabilization of fat.
  • It prevents the separation of serum.
  • It helps to provide a variety of taste and thus is ideal for the taste buds.
  • It helps in the suspension of the insoluble materials over increased storage.

Apart from being used in beverages, it is used in organic and non-organic food items in order to provide a smooth taste and texture to the food. Being free from animal-fat it is ideal for the vegans to consume.